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5 Tips For Buying Ice Cleats - Where To Buy Ice Cleats

2/12/18 8:09 AM
The process for selecting ice cleats and traction aids to help reduce slip and fall incidents in ice and snow can be very frustrating, time consuming, confusing, annoying... and well, you get the point. The following tips can help you avoid the stress involved when searching for the best and safest traction aid options for your employees working outdoors.
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True Confessions of a Safety Professional... What’s Your Biggest Sin?

1/9/18 8:01 AM
If you’re a safety professional , I have an important question for you "What is your biggest safety sin or workplace hazard?" Before I tell you mine, I’ll give you some background. Winter Walking is North America’s largest manufacturer of traction aid ice cleats. We help hundreds of companies and thousands of employees reduce the chance of suffering a slip and fall injury while on the job. We take tremendous pride in our product line, our company and our task. So imagine how embarrassed I would be if I personally suffered a slip and fall injury on ice or snow? Embarrassed is an understatement […]
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When it Comes to Ice Cleats, Does Brand Matter?

11/28/17 8:14 AM
I once had a conversation with a safety director from a large international company. He told me about how they used to have a lot of slip and falls due to ice and snow. And when they investigated ways to reduce winter slip and fall accidents, they concluded it was time to invest in ice cleats. He went on to describe how they did their research, testing, due diligence, etc. and ended up buying what they believed was the best ice cleat at the time. (Full disclosure: This isn’t an ice cleat my company manufactures.)
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How To Choose The Best Ice Cleats

9/22/14 3:08 PM
If your employees work outside in winter, chances are, your company has paid the price for slips and falls. Let’s look at why this may still be happening. Are you just too busy to combat this seasonal, yet expensive, problem? Have you tried an ice cleat in the past and it didn’t work? Have you just given up, thinking that all ice cleats are the same? Whether you call them ice cleats, snow spikes or crampons, remember this...
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3 Surefire Ways to Reduce Winter Slips and Falls

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