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Are You Paying Too Much For Ice Cleats?

10/11/16 10:16 AM

industrial ice cleatsMost of you have a workforce that is required to work outside in winter. And your company has probably paid the price winter workplace safety hazards with slips and falls. A high price. So why is this still happening?

  • Are you just too busy to address this problem adequately?
  • Have you tried winter working gear like ice cleats or other traction aids that didn’t work?
  • Have you given up because you are convinced that all ice cleats are the same?

Whether you call them ice cleats, ice spikes or crampons, remember this: Just because other winter working gear like traction footwear looks similar doesn’t mean they are equally effective. You CAN find the best ice cleats for your employees to help you reduce slip and fall incidents on ice and snow – and help improve your safety record!

For example, consider your mobile device. Is it designed solely for making phone calls? Or is it a smartphone with a laundry list of features? If you need it to check your work email, but it only makes phone calls, that doesn’t mean the cell phone is bad. It’s just not the right one for you. The point is: Similar is not the same. You need different equipment to meet different needs properly and effectively.

More to the point, ice cleats and spikes for shoes that you may have tried 5-10 years ago are completely different from the models available to you today. Some ice cleats are so technologically advanced that they can be safely worn indoors without having to be removed. We can find the best ice cleat for you by pinpointing your need with the exact type of work its wearer does every day.

Remember that now is the time of year to be looking into the newest ways to keep your employees safer throughout winter – and improve your workplace safety record for the year.


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Bill Coyne is the VP of Sales for Winter Walking.  He has been helping organizations across a wide variety of business sectors eliminate workplace slips and falls incidents in ice and snow for over 20 years.  Email Bill bill@winterwalking.com or visit www.winterwalking.com for additional helpful information and resources.

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