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How Long Should Ice Cleats Last?

11/14/17 8:40 AM
How long should an ice cleat last? This is the most common question I get from safety professionals. It’s a fair question to ask and one you should have an understanding of before you purchase winter cleats. And when someone asks me that question, what I’m hearing is, “How many of these things am I going to buy to get through the winter?” Some ice cleats for shoes are built for recreational purposes, like walking the dog and shoveling the driveway, while others are built for utility workers, letter carriers and construction workers. If you use the wrong ice cleat for the wrong job task, you wi[…]
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Should Workplace Safety Be a Choice?

11/7/17 8:39 AM
Have you heard the term “Hobson’s Choice? I’ll give you an example: When I was a kid, my mother would often give me a choice regarding outerwear on very cold days, “Either wear your winter coat or don’t go outside,” she would say, effectively offering me a Hobson’s Choice - no choice at all. At the time, my mom wasn’t interested in empowering me or helping me to build my decision-making skills. She simply wanted me to be warm and not get sick. There are many companies that offer this same “no choice” when it comes to safety items – either comply with OSHA workplace safety or go home.
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How To Get Your Employees Involved With Slip & Fall Prevention

10/31/17 8:17 AM
A corporate safety director once told me about the challenges he faces in regard to employee buy-ins and working in the ice and snow. He has used our ice cleats in the past with good success. More recently, his company started a new safety initiative: ZERO winter slip, trip and fall incidents. This can be hard goal to reach (but not impossible). After our discussion, he realized that just buying traction aids and making them available to everyone was good, but not good enough to achieve his goal. Things needed to change.
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3 Ways to Reduce Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

10/24/17 8:15 AM
It’s not as difficult as you may think to reduce – and even eliminate – winter slips and falls on ice and snow. In fact, here are three ways to reduce accidents: 1. Eliminate The Act of Walking on Compromised Surfaces Think about all of the slip and fall accidents and slip hazard jobs that happened in your organization last winter while working outdoors and indoors. If you can eliminate walking in those areas, all of those accidents go away, right? And while this is easier said than done, it’s not impossible. Accomplishing this in one or two areas will make a dramatic difference inreducing you[…]
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How To Keep Your Employees Safe Indoors & Outdoors

10/17/17 8:28 AM
When it comes to ice cleats, most are NOT safe to wear indoors. Traditional ice cleats are engineered for one thing – preventing slip and fall incidents on ice. Since Ice and snow don’t exist indoors, manufacturers don’t concentrate on indoor flooring materials when developing ice cleats to prevent slips and falls. This can severely complicate a company’s goal of reducing slip and fall incidents because, if traditional ice cleats are worn indoors, your employees are now at a high risk of causing a slip hazard. In other words, remember the OUTDOOR slipping incident you may avoid because ice cle[…]
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Retail Ice Cleats vs. Industrial Ice Cleats – What's The Difference?

10/10/17 8:48 AM
I like to tell a story about one of my many, reluctant trips to Costco. I was there on my day off, walking around the massive store with my short list of things to buy. As I’m filling my cart with 1,000 paper plates, I came across something that stopped me dead in my tracks. A display of ice cleats. Now this is my line of work. I can quickly recognize these for what they are; a low cost solution to a temporary problem. These types of ice cleats may be effective for someone who shovels their driveway three times a year or walks their dog in the snow a few times each winter. But I know full well[…]
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