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Are Ice Cleats Safe to Wear Indoors?

9/13/18 8:46 AM
Most ice cleats are NOT safe to wear indoors. Traditional ice cleats are engineered for one thing and one thing only - preventing slip and fall incidents on ice. That’s it. Since, obviously, Ice and snow don’t exist indoors, manufacturers don’t concentrate on indoor flooring materials when developing ice cleats to prevent slips and falls. This can severely complicate a company’s goal of reducing slip and fall incidents because, if traditional ice cleats are worn indoors, your employees are now at a high risk of causing a slip hazard.
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The Dangers of Voluntary Safety

5/16/18 8:11 AM
I’ve found that there are two ways people tend to look at ice cleats. Ice cleats are a last resort. Ice cleats are part of the workplace safety gear solution. Let me ask you a question: Why are your employees using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they have today? Chances are, your company has a lot of PPE that are mandatory, not voluntary, as a condition of employment. What about safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toe boots, high-visibility clothing, fire-retardant apparel? You get my point. These items are mandatory at most workplaces, including yours. Why? Because your employees experi[…]
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Six Reasons You Should NOT Buy Ice Cleats

2/26/18 8:58 AM
Time for a top 6 list... Too expensive. My employees won’t wear them. Can’t wear indoors. Can’t drive with them on. Employees won’t take care of them. We've tried everything and nothing works in my environment. Reality of buying the right ice traction for shoes or ice cleats from the right manufacturer. Ice cleats are far less expensive than the resulting costs associated with a slip and fall. Have you ever given your employees the chance to try them? If you did and they provided negative feedback did you discuss the feedback with the manufacturer to see what the options were? Some ice cleats […]
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5 Tips For Buying Ice Cleats - Where To Buy Ice Cleats

2/12/18 8:09 AM
The process for selecting ice cleats and traction aids to help reduce slip and fall incidents in ice and snow can be very frustrating, time consuming, confusing, annoying... and well, you get the point. The following tips can help you avoid the stress involved when searching for the best and safest traction aid options for your employees working outdoors. Winter Walking Tips Is this ice cleat or traction aid safe to wear indoors without having to be removed? Click Here If these ice cleats are worn indoors, what will happen? Could they cause unintended slip or trip hazards if worn on surfaces o[…]
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Do Ice Cleats Work?

2/6/18 8:40 AM
Back in 2010, if you were to type the term “ice cleats” into Google, you would find roughly 18,000 results. (Trust me; I’ve done that search plenty over the years.) Try the same search in 2018 and you will find over 1,600,000 results! So what does this tell you? For one thing, ice cleats are far more popular and more prevalent in today’s world than they were just four or five years ago. I would make the simple argument that the marketplace would not have expanded so quickly if ice cleats did not work. But of course your question, “do ice cleats even work?” cannot be answered quite that simply.
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True Confessions of a Safety Professional... What’s Your Biggest Sin?

1/9/18 8:01 AM
If you’re a safety professional , I have an important question for you "What is your biggest safety sin or workplace hazard?" Before I tell you mine, I’ll give you some background. Winter Walking is North America’s largest manufacturer of traction aid ice cleats. We help hundreds of companies and thousands of employees reduce the chance of suffering a slip and fall injury while on the job. We take tremendous pride in our product line, our company and our task. So imagine how embarrassed I would be if I personally suffered a slip and fall injury on ice or snow? Embarrassed is an understatement […]
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