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Are You People Are Safe Enough?

2/20/14 4:00 PM

I got a late start into work the other day. I grabbed a travel mug and took my coffee to go. When stopped at a red light I reached for the mug and noticed the logo of a large U.S. utility and I smiled. They've been a customer of mine buying a variety of our ice cleats and other winter traction aids for over 13 years! They invited me last year to a corporate safety meeting to speak about their slip and fall prevention program and gave me this mug.

I was thinking about their ice cleats program during my drive. This customer has continued over the years to be involved AND engaged with promoting our ice traction slip-ons before and during winter. They always did their best in reminding employees about the current approved ice cleats and safety footwear available. Corporate EHS always took several opportunities throughout the winter to educate their employees in the benefits of wearing the ice cleats and other traction aids available. During these reminders they’ve always stressed the importance of preventing slip and fall accidents and keeping everyone safe and productive.

Some companies I speak with have been buying the same ice cleat from me for many years and don’t seem to be interested in anything else, while others are always looking to see if there is anything better.

It got me thinking most companies I help prevent slip and fall accidents can be broken down into two categories: 1) If the ice cleats work why try anything else? and 2) Let’s constantly be on the lookout for the latest and greatest in pursuit of the perfect ice cleats. My thought is companies that stick with what's been working eliminate the expense of additional man hours toward hunting for a new item, but possibly are missing out on something that might be better for them. On the other hand, those companies that are constantly on the prowl will stay up on technology, but could be sending a mixed message to their crews by constantly modifying the traction aids available to preventing slip and falls.


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