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We don't just make ice cleats, we make slips and falls disappear.™

Six Reasons You Should NOT Buy Ice Cleats

2/26/18 8:58 AM

The winter season is now behind us. Time for a top 6 list...

  1. Too expensive.
  2. My employees won’t wear them.
  3. Can’t wear indoors.
  4. Can’t drive with them on.
  5. Employees won’t take care of them.
  6. We've tried everything and nothing works in my environment.

Six Reasons You Should Not Buy Ice Cleats

Reality of buying the right ice traction for shoes or ice cleats from the right manufacture.

  1. Ice cleats are far less expensive than the resulting costs associated with a slip and fall.

  2. Have you ever given your employees the chance to try them? If you did and they provided negative feedback did you discuss the feedback with the manufacturer to see what the options were?

  3. Some ice cleats and traction aids are safe to wear indoors. They won’t damage floors or cause a slip hazards. Just because something looks similar with a quick glance doesn’t mean they have the same functionality.

  4. Winter Walking has several options of ice traction for shoes that are safe to wear while driving or operating machinery.

  5. Is it possible you wrongly placing blame on your employees for their lack of cooperation with PPE? Do they take care of the safety glasses, hard hats, high visibility vests you buy? If the answer is no, perhaps they recognize inferior quality.

  6. At Winter Walking we manufacture over 20 different items for reducing slips and falls outdoors in ice and snow. If you haven't worked with us, you haven't "tried everything". And if you aren't working with us, you are missing the opportunity to solve your slip and falls issues. At Winter Walking we don't just make ice cleats, we make slips and falls disappear.

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Bill Coyne is the VP of Sales for Winter Walking and has been helping organizations across a wide variety of business sectors eliminate workplace slips and falls incidents in ice and snow for over 15 years. Email Bill bill@winterwalking.com or visit www.winterwalking.com for additional helpful information and resources.

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