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12/19/23 7:15 AM

Ice cleats are a valuable tool for preventing slips and falls in icy conditions. However, we often hear common concerns and misconceptions that deter people from purchasing them. In this blog post, we address these concerns and shed light on the benefits of investing in the right ice traction for shoes or ice cleats from a reliable manufacturer like Winter Walking.

ice cleats you can wear while driving

Here are six reasons why you should reconsider your decision:

  1. Cost: Many individuals believe that ice cleats are too expensive. However, when compared to the potential costs associated with slip and fall accidents, the investment in ice cleats becomes insignificant. Medical expenses, lost workdays, and legal issues resulting from injuries can far exceed the cost of ice cleats.

  2. Employee Resistance: It's essential to involve your employees in the decision-making process. Have you given them the opportunity to try ice cleats and provide feedback? If they have expressed concerns or issues, discussing these with the manufacturer can lead to finding suitable options that address their needs. Open communication and collaboration can bridge the gap between employees' preferences and effective safety solutions.

  3. Indoor Use: Some ice cleats and traction aids are specifically designed to be safe for indoor use. It's important to recognize that not all ice cleats are the same, and a quick glance might lead to misconceptions. Researching and choosing the right ice cleats that offer indoor functionality can help overcome this concern.

  4. Driving Compatibility: Winter Walking offers ice traction options for shoes that are safer to wear while driving or operating machinery. These specially designed ice cleats ensure maximum traction without compromising safety or interfering with the vehicle's controls. By providing the right ice cleats, you can enable your employees to stay safe both on foot and behind the wheel.

  5. Employee Responsibility: Blaming employees for their lack of cooperation with personal protective equipment (PPE) might not be fair in all cases. Consider whether your employees take care of other safety gear, such as safety glasses, hard hats, or high visibility vests. If they don't, it's possible they recognize inferior quality. By choosing a reputable manufacturer like Winter Walking, you can ensure the highest quality ice cleats that employees will value and take care of.

  6. Exhausting All Options: If you haven't worked with Winter Walking, you haven't truly explored all the solutions available. Winter Walking offers a wide range of over 15 different items designed to reduce slips and falls in icy and snowy conditions. By partnering with us, you gain access to innovative products and expertise that can effectively address your slip and fall issues. We don't just make ice cleats; we make slips and falls disappear.

Investing in the right ice cleats from a reliable manufacturer like Winter Walking is a proactive step toward preventing slip and fall accidents. Don't let misconceptions or concerns hold you back from providing a safer environment for your employees. Remember, the cost of ice cleats is minimal compared to the potential costs and consequences of accidents. Take the initiative and choose Winter Walking to ensure the safety of your workforce and eliminate slips and falls in icy conditions.




Ice Cleats You Can Wear While Driving


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Bill Coyne is the VP of Sales for Winter Walking and has been helping organizations across a wide variety of business sectors eliminate workplace slips and falls incidents in ice and snow for over 20 years. Email Bill bill@winterwalking.com or visit www.winterwalking.com for additional helpful information and resources.

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