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Winter Is Coming... Are You Ready?

8/22/17 9:50 AM

Winter is comingThe sun may still be hot, but we both know winter hazards are right around the corner. For those of you who admit reluctantly that you should start planning, the next 60 days are critical to your employees’ safety. And your company’s safety record.

If you plan on buying industrial ice cleats or other winter traction aids for your employees to prevent slips and falls on ice and snow, ask yourself:

  • What is your priority when choosing safety cleats: Price, durability, easy on/off, safe for indoor use, safe for driving, or some other feature entirely?

  • Are you buying ice cleats for all employees, or for specific employees and departments only?

  • How much of a concern are icy parking lots?

  • Whose budget is paying for this expenditure?

Once you choose ice cleats or traction safety footwear, you need to plan ahead so you can get them on your employees’ feet long before that first early winter storm.

Consider the following:

  • What’s the product’s delivery lead time? It can range from just days to several months depending on your supplier.

  • After you receive your ice cleats, they still have to be distributed to employees. Allow time for size exchanges, if needed.

  • How are you going to train your employees on how to use this ice cleat properly?

Answering these questions in September will help you better prepare for winter hazards and, in turn, keep your workplace safer by reducing winter slips and falls.

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Bill Coyne is the VP of Sales for Winter Walking. He has been helping organizations across a wide variety of business sectors prevent workplace slips and falls in ice and snow for over 14 years. Winter Walking currently helps some of the world’s largest organizations keep their employees both safer and more productive while working outdoors in the winter season. Contact [email protected] or visit www.winterwalking.com.

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Winter Is Here

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