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Do You Have A Winter Slip and Fall Prevention Program?

3/14/17 6:08 AM
I have young kids at home. Every night, they eat dinner. Sometimes they eat their dinner early and sometimes it’s late. But every night they eat. So what would happen if I waited until they were starving to feed them. And at that point I said, “Okay, just spot me a few hours. I have to go to the market, buy some ingredients, come home, look up a recipe and then cook you dinner. Sound good, kids?” Just the thought of the ensuing tantrums is enough to ensure that this scenario never unfolds in my home.
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The Perfect Time To Order?

9/22/15 10:06 AM
Days are getting shorter. Nights are getting longer and colder. Not far in the future, we will all start our dreaded morning commutes in the dark of night. Yes, it's starting to feel and look a lot like fall. Soon, we'll see our first frost on the early morning grass. And we'll need to warm up our cars to avoid scraping windshields. (For the record, I hate that! Nothing puts me in a worse mood than this seasonal chore.) So face it, winter is coming. This is a fact. Not an opinion that safety professionals should waste time debating.
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Don't Wait To The Last Minute To Order Your Ice Cleats

1/26/15 9:25 AM
The other day I was downtown for an important meeting. On my way into the city, the skies began to grow dark and by the time I pulled into the parking lot, the heavens had opened up and were dumping buckets of water all around me. From inside my car, I could see that some enterprising young fellow had opened up a makeshift umbrella sales stand on the corner. Not wanting to arrive to my appointment soaking wet,I parked my car, made a mad dash to his stand and gladly forked over the $20 for the small black parasol.
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Do You Buy Ice Cleats & Still Have Slip and Fall Incidents?

1/12/15 9:53 AM
I recently spoke with a customer who has been buying our ice cleats for years. They’ve had a few slip and fall accidents on the ice and snow this winter and are, understandably, very frustrated. After the accident investigations, they realized each incident had the same the root cause: None of the employees who fell were wearing the ice cleats and winter traction aids that were being provided. Does this sound familiar to you? This is one of the most frustrating, but preventable, things a safety professional can hear. Have you ever noticed problems with employee engagement? Most likely, you hav[…]
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“Strongly Recommended” Is Not Strong Enough

11/17/14 9:19 AM
I help companies of all sizes, ranging from several hundred to more than 100,000 employees. On the surface, you wouldn’t think they have much in common when it comes to safety. But, in reality, their approaches are often identical when it comes to solving the problem of winter slips and falls on snow and ice. The truth is, preventing winter slips and falls is low-hanging fruit in the world of employee safety. With minimal effort, effective safety professionals have the ability to save their organizations huge sums of money, in both workers compensation costs and lost production time.
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Transitional Traction = The Key to Walking Safely

11/10/14 9:32 AM
Every safety manager’s nightmare may include some winter weather. And it’s no wonder – we all know that slips and falls can do serious damage to a perfect safety record. Now, I’m sure you’re well aware that reducing winter slip and fall incidents starts with increasing traction. And increasing traction on snow and ice is easy -- just about any cleated or spiked item that you can find will do the job, right? True. But the difficult task is to increase traction while allowing employees to do their jobs with minimal interference. After all, what good is traction footwear if it won’t allow you do […]
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