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“Strongly Recommended” Is Not Strong Enough

11/17/14 9:19 AM
I help companies of all sizes, ranging from several hundred to more than 100,000 employees. On the surface, you wouldn’t think they have much in common when it comes to safety. But, in reality, their approaches are often identical when it comes to solving the problem of winter slips and falls on snow and ice. The truth is, preventing winter slips and falls is low-hanging fruit in the world of employee safety. With minimal effort, effective safety professionals have the ability to save their organizations huge sums of money, in both workers compensation costs and lost production time.
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The Key to Walking Safely ON ICE

11/10/14 9:32 AM
Every safety manager’s nightmare may include some winter weather. And it’s no wonder – we all know that slips and falls can do serious damage to a perfect safety record. Now, I’m sure you’re well aware that reducing winter slip and fall incidents starts with increasing traction. And increasing traction on snow and ice is easy -- just about any cleated or spiked item that you can find will do the job, right? True. But the difficult task is to increase traction while allowing employees to do their jobs with minimal interference. After all, what good is traction footwear if it won’t allow you do […]
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Why You Will Never Get to Zero Slip and Fall Accidents

10/20/14 9:46 AM
I’ve noticed a trend over the last several years. Organizations, both large and small, are chasing the zero accidents/incidents dream. And, I’m sorry to report, this is a goal they just won’t reach. Because there’s a seasonal safety hazard that’s a ticking time bomb. It’s called winter. And it’s right around the corner. Most of you will likely have had one or more winter storms with ice and snow before winter’s official start on December 21st. If you live in a cold-weather state in the U.S or a cold-weather province in Canada, it’s not “if” winter is coming, but when.
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How Much is Too Much to Spend on an Ice Cleat?

10/14/14 8:37 AM
When purchasing a safety item for your employees, it is fair to consider whether the item you are purchasing is too expensive. While you would generally expect a company to spend whatever it takes to keep everyone as safe as possible, that might not always be the case. As a matter of fact, from a pure numbers standpoint, it might even make sense to let the accidents happen.
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Reactive vs. Proactive: Big Difference When It Comes to Safety

10/6/14 10:51 AM
Have you ever purchased ice cleats in the past and regretted the choice? Why? Perhaps you had a slip and fall incident and made a “reactive” decision that resulted in buying the cheapest thing you could find online or at your local big box retailer? Perhaps you then heard nothing but complaints from your people: “I can’t wear these indoors.” “My ice cleat broke.” “My cleats keep falling off.”
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Never Have Winter Slips and Falls Again

9/8/14 11:44 AM
Did you know that every winter slip and fall your employees had could have been prevented? Here’s how: Don’t allow your employees to walk or work outdoors in the winter months when ice and snow are present. For most of you, that’s impossible, so what’s the real solution? Employees need well-fitted and appropriate winter traction aids to help keep them safe and productive while walking and working outdoors in winter. And let’s face it, your safety record will boil down to how seriously you take the threat of snow and ice.
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